Whether we spend our time interacting through social media online, offline or just maintaining relationships, each day can be just any day.  However, some days can be very special days.  While Father’s Day this year is upon us to recognize a role that many have the privilege to have, to hold, and be demonstrative in raising with love and affection for their children, too often terms of endearment have not been adequately expressed during our lives.

For those fathers who are still here and are gifted to enjoy sharing of their lives, you do have that honorable position deserving of respect as that in how you treat others while being an example.  For those who have passed on, like mine, the adorning memories of love and respect forever remains in heart and mind.  Although there is no longer any more interacting verbal conversations, his calling me his “sweetheart” is something that I will always know that I was special to my dad.  Interesting to think that over the years, his example of character and honor that I have seen to admire and love in my father makes me wonder if I would be able to see that in anyone else like my dad.

Although it has been a number of years since he has passed and to visit where he is laid to rest, paying respect this particular year has a greater impact, as this year Father’s Day happens to fall on his birthday.   How sentimental we can be as to how our dads impact our lives especially with this Father’s Day reminiscing touch.

Somehow yet, there also are those who may not have been able to experience the beauty of a relationship with a dad here on Earth.  There always will be, however, hope in such a relationship as stated in the promises from a Father’s Love Letter.

May all you fathers have a wonderful Father’s Day!  Be blessed and treasure your loved ones in leaving that reminiscing touch.

Proverbs 20:7 indicates:

A righteous person lives on the basis of his integrity.
Blessed are his children after he is gone.

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2 Comments to “Impacting Lives: A Father’s Day Reminiscing Touch”

  1. Karla Campos says:

    Dad’s are special aren’t they? Your father sounds like a great man, even though he is no longer on earth his teachings live on through you and that is just beautiful!

  2. Nelly Paekukui says:

    Thank you Karla. Surely do miss him as he definitely left a lasting impact and memories that will forever be in my heart.

    Much Aloha to you!

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