Nelly Paekukui on March 31st, 2012

When it comes to our business, personal, or social lives, obviously no growth or progress can take place without the integral factor of interacting with human relationships.  Whether communicating directly by means of social media, within our own city or hometown face-to-face, or traveling the span of thousands of miles over land and water to reach people, one person’s actions can make a difference. It can start with just one person to begin the ripple effect when it comes to marketing, motivating, moving and ministry efforts.

Each one of us has our own unique tools of gifts and talents that are be used to reach and engage with others in all areas of life.  Being equipped to take action with doors open in order to do so, however, the question is whether or not willingness exists to be part of the equation.  How well our marketing, motivating, moving and ministry can create an influence upon others depends on our own efforts to engage with such interactions.

Just as any business, personal, or social project begins with just a thought, to continue to progressively grow with a vision can carry great weight to make a difference with others.  It reminds me of how life-changers begin with relationships.

It may be a thought to even think our efforts may not matter at all, yet if we only hear that still small voice of instruction, the benefits reaped are eternal and priceless. Whether marketing for business, motivating in your sphere of influence, or moving and ministering where God leads, here is an example where just one ministry in one city touched and intertwined the lives of many.

With the skills, gifts and abilities to do the work in hand, Matthew 5:8 reminds us:

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

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Nelly Paekukui on February 29th, 2012

In this post addressing how we interact with one another, regardless of whatever part of the world we may live, the way we communicate with each other allows us to create our own perspectives in understanding.  Whether communications occur by interactions audibly, in writings, or in actions, the differences resulting as to agree to disagree can leave a marked impression on the interacting participants.

As I have heard it before, there are three kinds of actions: those that are good, those that are bad, and those that are doubtful.  The one to be most cautious are those that are doubtful, as when least suspecting, they insensibly lead into darkness ever so gradually being unaware.  Obviously, today’s viewpoints cover the gamut on controversial topics in determining:   What is right? What is wrong? What is up? What is down? What is in? What is out?  What is the big deal is “this” all about?

It is a given that even while we have communication with others in our personal, social, business, and networking levels, each day, the action that we all need to practice more would be to agree to disagree respectfully. Of course, each scenario ought to be handled with discernment and wisdom.  Even while handling delicate interactive conversations, oftentimes a spark can ignite to cause a raging flame.

The time to stop a dispute is when it begins.  As much as possible, do not let arguments get started and be determined to agree to disagree.  While some people are naturally inclined to contribute to peace, some lean towards the offense and contribute to war.  With an air of turbulence around us in these days we are living, when do our best, let God do the rest.  Some are difficult that nobody can get along with, yet God blesses the peacemakers.

When disagreements do occur, however, as to have none would not be realistic, consider all the beauty and the things in life in which to be grateful.  Sometimes a blessing or a treat that is out of the ordinary just is waiting to come your way that cannot present itself without bringing on a smile.

Remember that Matthew 5:9 says:

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

and James 3:17-18

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

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Be blessed and have a great day!

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Nelly Paekukui on January 31st, 2012

In our quickly changing lives with technology, social and business advancements becomes more of an expectation with the contemporaneous and well-respected leaders of respective homes and businesses today.  For some people, each day can be met with welcomed challenges.  Yet for others, staying abreast of the constant progress of our ever-changing society patterns can never be compared to any other time in history with their inability to keep up with developments and which perhaps may cause as being a hindrance with the inability to get motivated.

As I am happy and see it as a privilege to attend the Get Motivated! Business Seminar that includes my State on their calendar for this year, I see this one-day seminar filled with golden nuggets of valuable information shared by certain leaders selected to speak at this particular venue.  Although this special conference is condensed into just a matter of nine hours or less, an attendee seeking some change or improvement would get some spark in their thoughts and minds to be stirred in being motivated.

One simple tidbit of a reminder to have depends on whether the following traits one may possess are all in sync together:




It is not so much with what we say what is on our minds, but also in what we do.  To have these basic ABCs to Get Motivated, the right attitude, along with believing, and taking action, produces results.

A thought-provoking statement made reference of a ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for.

Curiously, the Get Motivated Seminar makes an attendee ask that self-evaluating time -robbing element question:

How do we spend our time?   

An average person …

  • Watches 23 hours of television per week
  • A person up to 18 yrs of age:  (1) is bombarded with over 250,000 imprints seen influencing their attitude; and (2) has spent 25,000 hours of their lives watching television

For the Business Minded or Entrepreneur

  • Think outside of the box
  • Don’t be like everyone else  —   Example:     Small, Medium & Large   VS.   Tall, Grande & Venti
  • Those who do best are the ones who use inventions of others   — Example:    Sam Walton was the little guy 50% in company size next to the Giant at the time he began

Other Thoughts to Ponder

  • U.S. Constitution has 1,500 words
  • The Bible has 733,000 words
  • Federal Income Tax Code has 9 million words

And so how do we direct our thoughts and attention?

Matthew 6:33

Seek first God’s kingdom and what God wants. Then all your other needs will be met as well.

One speaker whom I admire and respect and left a powerful impression was Tamara Lowe in the video I have below.

 Be blessed and Get Motivated!



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Nelly Paekukui on December 31st, 2011

As we are ending one year and beginning a new one, we have a time to reflect upon the “ups-and-downs” that were encountered in 2011 which may or may not be favorable to some.

Of course there are memories that are heartwarming that represent joyous moments celebrating marriage, births, awards or similar recognized events. It has also been a joy in having new friends come into our lives.  For some, however, 2011 may be a year that will be remembered that brought unfortunate tragedies, circumstances and heartbreak totally beyond control or understanding.

While saying Goodbye 2011 and Happy New Year 2012, this gives us and takes us to a new year with anticipated hopes and opportunities to start anew.  As we are ready to start afresh with a clean slate, let us remember as instructed in Isaiah 43:18-19:

Forget what happened in the past, and do not dwell on events from long ago. I am going to do something new.

While saying Goodbye 2011, we can plow ahead to work towards finding that door designed with plans for good for each one of us in having a Happy New Year 2012.  Let us find that door and be blessed.

Revelation 3:7 says:

When he opens a door, no one can close it. And when he closes it, no one can open it.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and would appreciate it if you would kindly please comment, share and re-tweet too.



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Nelly Paekukui on November 30th, 2011

With communication as key in our everyday lives, sometimes engaging in conversations may be easier with certain people over others.  While interacting with another individual, there needs to be a meeting of the brain waves between the connecting parties to converse and be able to carry a discussion on a level with understanding.

Obviously there can be language barriers in reading each other which may be a problem in exchanging or communicating one’s thoughts.  Certain topics or discussions, however, may not be favored to some.  There may even be some limiting factors or interests that can also prevent the brain waves to connect with mutual understanding.   A common communication difference, however, are gender brain waves.

I have been asked a few times for my thoughts or opinions in helping others in certain relationships as to what I would do if I were in their shoes.  Of course, I am speaking from a woman’s point of view, and can only imagine how valid my thoughts, ideas or counsel would be for a man.  For that, I would defer to a man of wise counsel.

Then there comes the phrase of being left-brain or right-brain.  It is my understanding that men are usually more left-brain, being more so likely technical or logical.  Women on the other hand, more typically tend to be more right-brain, where the senses are more dominating with emotions or feelings.  The complexity of the brain cannot be fully understood except only by the One who is the Master Creator.

One comment that stays in mind was that some women are like goldfish.  They just keep on swimming but have a difficult time letting go of what ought to be considered as waste.  Being a woman, I can relate to that statement and perhaps mentioning it here exemplifies that comment as one to remember.

Gender brain waves is fascinating,  and I see this video is one to be amused with these differences.


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Nelly Paekukui on October 31st, 2011

At the time of this writing on this particular day of the year, there are mixtures of thoughts, visions, ideas and cultural senses and traditions lurking among many.  We are in a “season in time” obvious to some to be visible, while to some to be invisible; moving within the physical, as well as in the spiritual realm; affecting those carefree, and to many who are the restless.  Our lives are touched somehow by choices made and by what flows throughout the world we live in, as well as in the heavenly places.

As this day is a day where many can be or are already experiencing extremely busy lives moving at a fast pace attentive to their work, health, relational, financial or other means, any way to alleviate the stress levels or personal demands comes as a welcome.

As a firm believer in prayer, although I have heard of it and of its sound before, the shofar blowing just recently came to my attention.  Seeing this video at this particular time, however, certainly came with impact of a sure fire covering with the shofar blowing.  With hopes that you too may receive the powerful touch as I did, the message accompanying the video shared by my friend Andrew May is as follows:

This is the sound of ‘the anointed playing’ of the Shofar:

If you have any illness or spiritual problems…
play this, as you are praying in faith… ask the Holy spirit to Minister HIS Healing Power, and you will have great results!
(play it many times as you worship, Play it LOUD)
I bless this sound, and command the air and your surroundings to purify and to clear from all obstructions and spiritual obstacles in Jesus mighty name!

Be encouraged as we are reminded in what we are told in Ephesians 6:12:

We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world.

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Blessings and Aloha!


Nelly Paekukui on September 30th, 2011

Corny as it may be, sometimes, whether we are loading ourselves with full plates or disheveled minds, perhaps the overload will cause us to step on the brakes in life.

As it appears many of our lives are experiencing a faster pace than it was perhaps twenty, ten, or even five years ago, the activities in life may cause that heavy weight upon the accelerator pedal.   Liken that picture similar to perhaps a police officer causing a speeding vehicle to stop or else a serious accident may occur.

It seems recently it has been brought to my attention by others who have been so appreciative of the things that they are unable to see or experience often or have available for their enjoyment regularly.  Sometimes we do take our environment or the things we experience daily for granted.  There is a reason why certain words or events come to one’s mind, and perhaps that is why there is a need for me to hear and open my eyes to see what appears to have been missed or recognizably appreciated.

Glad to have and be blessed by friends to always help to see that it is so important for all of us to remember to stop, see, and smile for awhile.

Have a blessed day.


A Contributing Testimony for “WOMEN SHARE MOVEMENT (Women on a Mission)”

In 1988, as a newly divorced mother with two little babies both still in diapers, my life was beginning a new chapter with responsibilities and adjustments in my life.

Yes, it was a time when everything looked bleaker than bleak.  Yet, I made a decision to sever a marriage I was unwilling to reconcile.  I had a hard heart with a stubborn mind and was determined to follow through with that decision and mindset of going through all the steps to salvage the marriage mandated in a divorce process.  Nonetheless, I knew my life ahead was not going to be easy, as it was my choice to have that unforgiving heart.  Recognizing that the divorce became final, I then had to actually go through the day-to-day routine for a single parent that became a reality.

There was no such thing as coordinating the drop-off or picking-up of the children.  There was no such thing as sharing in the purchase or stocking of children’s care necessities in supply at home.  There was no such thing as sharing in the decisions for their schools, responsibilities of when they were sick or when parental attendance or participation was necessary for their events or extracurricular activities.  There was no such thing as having a home to go to at the end of the day that would be with the comforts in having the ideal traditional family consisting of father, mother and children all together.   There was no such thing as having a husband that was intended to be the father, husband and leader for the family.  I was all alone.

Handling those major changes, and being a mother working a full-time job included much driving as part of my daily routine.  I felt embarrassed that I became a statistic, and had to face the reality of having a failed marriage.  Those times spent on the road driving, however, were spent with much thinking and planning with respect to my new set of circumstances.

In recognizing that much uncertainty was ahead, I believe that God knew I was at that point when I finally would be willing and ready to listen to Him. As a stubborn-minded person that I can be at times, I saw myself stripped of the comforts I had in exchange for the struggling and incomplete picture-perfect-family image.

Although I was one who had attended church when I was younger, I knew of God, yet I did not really know or understand anything about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  My upbringing was to always understand that God was there but could never comprehend the importance or the necessity of the Christian essentials.

As humbling as it was, as I look back on those years now, I can see how God was able to get my attention through my circumstances by using a local radio station here in Honolulu, Hawaii, KLHT Radio 1040AM, to come into and be a part of my life.  Having a solitude life with much time spent travelling on long drives were materials that God used in my life that became fertile ground to start my new growth as a believer in Jesus Christ.

I did not know, nor did I understand as to what kind or type of radio station that I was listening. Although I had no clue that it was with Christian teachings with praise and worship music, God knew how to touch my heart and speak to me through that radio station.  Through those scheduled programs that I was able to hear through God’s divine timing, my heart became softened and found myself receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior and wanting to learn more.  In a way, the void that was the result of emptiness with a divorce and a hardened heart full of stubbornness was replaced with an addiction to desiring more of the things of the Lord.  It seemed like everything I could listen to made sense and in a way I could understand as how Jesus simply taught the little children.  As even the little children wanted to be close to Jesus, He told them in Mark 10:14:

Let the children come to me! Don’t try to stop them. People who are like these little children belong to the kingdom of God.

With a new status in life, and being like a child or new creation in Christ, my new life had sprouted with an appetite that I now cannot imagine to be without.  With all things new, and the slate clean and forgiven of the wrongs of the past, how can one go back to a lost and broken life instead of going forward and follow Christ instead who watches, takes care and leads as our Shepherd?

All I knew was to grow forward immersing myself in listening to various messages, recorded teachings, by reading the Bible, being around other believers and to keep my radio tuned to KLHT Radio 1040AM whether I was in the car or at home and kept it on at home at all times 24/7.  Having that on at all times of the day and night allowed my ears to hear words and music as to how God wanted to speak and comfort me in whatever the situation may be.  He knew that I would be drawn to hearing programs at divinely appointed times that I would readily receive at those specific time periods.

After knowing I had that insatiable desire for Christ from all what I have heard and learned, I knew I had to find and start going to a church with my children.  I knew that God was allowing me to grow in Him, yet I had to find someplace where I could be among other believers.  I knew I could not grow in the same kind of church that I attended while I was growing up, and was looking for one that I could understand with simple and clear teachings.  After all, the Bible does teach us in Hebrews 10:25:

Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer.

Naturally, I could see God speaking to me directly using various means.  Over the years, life as a divorced, single parent consisting of many of life’s challenges comes with learning and understanding that God can get a hold of me and speaks personally in whatever way He chooses and knows in order to get my attention.

And after asking and receiving Jesus Christ to be in my life, there is newly found hope for a new beginning as a new creation with a new life.  Although the divorce took place many years ago, I can say that my husband is my maker and therefore I am not ever alone.  Isaiah 54:5 reads:

Your husband is your Maker.  His name is the Lord of Armies.  Your defender is the Holy One of Israel.  He is called the God of the whole earth.

It does not matter what had happened in the past like careless decisions that were made.  Ephesians 2:1 says:

In the past you were spiritually dead because of your sins and the things you did against God.

Since my new life as a believer and regardless of whatever the challenge had been in the past, currently experiencing or will take place in the future, I see it amazing that God wants to speak to anyone who desires and is ready and willing to hear Him too.  He is always ready and will always be there.  Mark 4:23 states:

 If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.      

Does anyone want to start afresh and is willing or want to hear and receive Him too?  All you have to do is speak to Him directly by saying the sinner’s prayer:

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and have done bad things. I know that you sent Jesus to save me, and that He died on the cross to take the punishment for my sins. I know that Jesus rose from the dead and is coming back someday. Please forgive me of all of my sins, and come into my life and change me. Please guide me in my life and help me to follow you for the rest of my life. Thank you for saving me and taking me to heaven when I die.

In Jesus’  Name, Amen.

After sincerely praying those words and inviting Jesus into your life, I congratulate and welcome you into God’s family too.  If not here on Earth that we shall meet, I look forward to meeting you personally in our eternal home with Him in heaven.

Remember though, as you entered through those double doors of divorce and single-parenting, and although it may seem that there may be periods during the course of this journey when you may feel alone and think no one  cares, there is and there always will be the One and Only who stands at the door and knocks.  He will be your strength when you think you are alone and weak.

May you have a wonderful and blessed day.  Please comment, re-tweet would appreciate your sharing with others as well.


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As Independence Day has quickly come around again for another year, it brings a time to reflect on from where we have come.  With Fourth of July as our country’s birthday, acknowledging from when it began and how it has developed over the years commemorates well-deserved recognition.  To begin in a country without tyranny and independent for a new beginning assimilates hopes and the view of the call to action.

Quite like how a network marketer has that new hope for beginning in having the view of the call to action, Independence Day is that day that represents the start of new dreams, promises and opportunities.

The questions that we ask of Independence Day can also be asked of our ourselves.

Where is our country headed?  Where are we moving?  What’s going to happen to us?  Where is our relationship with God?  What can we do to help build our country?  Where are we on this side of the equation?  Where do we stand?

It makes one think about who you are as an American? What can you do to make a difference?

Applying those same questions for growth towards network marketing, we can all contribute in different ways.  Every one of us has to make sacrifices.  We all have to make choices.  What can we do?

Can we educate ourselves more?  Can we talk to a friend?  Can we teach our children?  What else can we do?   Would I be worthy to stand among those people who have contributed to helping someday?

Just as Jon McNaughton is the brilliant artist expressing his thoughts and feelings of his painting “One Nation Under God” in this video, allow and enjoy this Independence Day to reflect on what your call to action may be.

Proverbs 11:6 further declares:

Doing right brings freedom to honest people,  but those who are not trustworthy will be caught by their own desires.

May you have a joyous and blessed Independence Day and would appreciate your commenting, re-tweeting or sharing with others as well.

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Nelly Paekukui on June 19th, 2011

Whether we spend our time interacting through social media online, offline or just maintaining relationships, each day can be just any day.  However, some days can be very special days.  While Father’s Day this year is upon us to recognize a role that many have the privilege to have, to hold, and be demonstrative in raising with love and affection for their children, too often terms of endearment have not been adequately expressed during our lives.

For those fathers who are still here and are gifted to enjoy sharing of their lives, you do have that honorable position deserving of respect as that in how you treat others while being an example.  For those who have passed on, like mine, the adorning memories of love and respect forever remains in heart and mind.  Although there is no longer any more interacting verbal conversations, his calling me his “sweetheart” is something that I will always know that I was special to my dad.  Interesting to think that over the years, his example of character and honor that I have seen to admire and love in my father makes me wonder if I would be able to see that in anyone else like my dad.

Although it has been a number of years since he has passed and to visit where he is laid to rest, paying respect this particular year has a greater impact, as this year Father’s Day happens to fall on his birthday.   How sentimental we can be as to how our dads impact our lives especially with this Father’s Day reminiscing touch.

Somehow yet, there also are those who may not have been able to experience the beauty of a relationship with a dad here on Earth.  There always will be, however, hope in such a relationship as stated in the promises from a Father’s Love Letter.

May all you fathers have a wonderful Father’s Day!  Be blessed and treasure your loved ones in leaving that reminiscing touch.

Proverbs 20:7 indicates:

A righteous person lives on the basis of his integrity.
Blessed are his children after he is gone.

If you find this may touch or encourage another, I would appreciate if you would comment, share and re-tweet with others too.

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